Do movie producers make their cut?
There are many English and Foreign language sites that link to videos loaded into Google Videos, You Tube, Yahoo Videos and other places for accessing copy protected videos ripped from DVD or video print from movie theaters. Some of them include:

Do DVD protection software’s really protect the movies from being ripped? Does RIAA really do its job in protecting such music and movies from being downloaded? Despite all such measures why do this still happen and how much loss do the movie makers face because of such illegal activities?

Well, the answer is too long & this blog was intended to put you to think. If you want to really watch a movie, buy the DVD or go to a theater. Don’t support such illegal acts by even viewing these videos online. This would not stop the bad guys, but it would at the least discourage them from uploading illegal copies of the movies.

DRM Analytics coming soon[not too soon], with Digital Rights Management solutions to entertainment & gaming industry. Stay put!

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