So we got hit with a ransomware on our home network. I quickly traced it to a Win7 machine that I forgot about that had drive maps to about 90% of my network. The three things we care about are a server that runs my wife’s business, some NASs that have family pics, etc. and my Plex Server. All of it is now encrypted.

My wife and I are worried that if we pay them, they might just take the money and run. We’ve exchanged ~12 or 15 emails with them over this, since they want to be paid in Bitcoin (which I don’t know anything about except for a general grasp of how it’s anonymous and untraceable) and it appears that it takes a day or two to get the money in bitcoin into a new wallet (Exodus) — so…

People that have had the giant hammer of a ransomware jammed up your ass, if you paid it off, what are the chances they’ll live up to their end and give me the decryption code?

I’m specifically seeking people that got ransomwared, paid, and got their data back. We’ve heard from friends of friends that paid and got fucked.


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